Tim Kaine : The Junior Senator

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Biography Tim Kaine is the junior Senator from Virginia, and was born on February 26, 1958, in Minnesota, to an ironworker and a high school home economics teacher. Though born in Minnesota, Kaine grew up in Kansas, and attended an all-boys’ Jesuit high school there. After graduating, Tim Kaine completed his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Missouri, and went on to Harvard law school. While in graduate school, Kaine took a year off in order to work as a Jesuit missionary in Latin America. Upon returning to Harvard, Tim Kaine met his wife, and began practicing law. He practiced law for seventeen years in Richmond, specializing in representing minorities and disabled people who had been denied housing. Kaine first…show more content…
Showing the many different regions that Virginians occupy also shows the large range of opinions that Kaine has to consider in representing his district, illustrating the difficulty of his job, and accurately representing all the constituents in Virginia.
Virginia is one of the southern states in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States, and is very diverse, both geographically and demographically. Virginia is around 430 miles long, and 200 miles wide; it is around 42,769 square miles, making it the 35th largest state in the nation. The mean elevation in Virginia is around 950 feet above sea level, and the temperature averages from 26.2 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 88.4 degrees in the summer.

Source: (3/9/15)

Showing the five different regions of Virginia helps show its size and diversity. Consequently, this helps emphasize the difficulty of accurately representing the whole state, especially since urban areas tend to be more Democratic than rural areas, and this is reflected in the state. Source: (3/11/15)
Virginia is generally divided into five different geographic areas. The easternmost region is the Atlantic Coastal Plain, which is also called the Tidewater. The Coastal Plain runs from
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