Tim Puts His Charisma Online

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Tim Puts His Charisma Online Tim is the sales manager at a national auto parts supplier. Among the many accounts his company serves are small auto supply stores, service stations, repair shops, supermarkets, and small retailers. Tim has a staff of fifteen external sales representatives, as well as five internal sales specialists who deal with online and telephone sales. The auto parts supply business is highly competitive, with most of the competition providing equally good parts and service. The personal touch therefore becomes quite important in gaining sales. Providing good service – such as refilling orders on frequently purchased parts and delivering on time – is essential. Tim also believes that inspiring the sales staff is vital…show more content…
I think that Tim’s posts are less effective in terms of motivating his staff to do sales. This is because Tim’s posts are all very inspiring but quotes only work if people understand his intentions. His staff only feel that he is trying to keep them motivated but not in terms of doing sales. I think that Tim’s staff does not realise his posts are aimed to motivate them to do more sales, as they thanked him for the positive ideas instead of for the encouragement. Charisma can be used for good and bad, it depends on the person who is talking. Charisma, if applied wisely can lift the whole organization’s energy and performance. Tim should talk to his employees more to give them encouragement and boost their energy level. Charismatic leaders motivate employees to strive for the benefit of the whole team. Charisma comes from pursuing your own interests. Tim is very passionate about his job as a sales manager. He can inspire his staff to work harder by giving them some encouraging talk during the meetings. I think that Tim can occasionally go out on sales pitch with them to help them. Tim’s posts on the quotes are very vague and the staff might not understand his actual purpose. Instead of sharing the quotes to each of his staffs’ pages, Tim can make each quote unique by adding a short message especially for the staff and post it to their message inbox. For example, the quote “The harder you try, the luckier you get”, Tim can add this

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