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The Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) that I have chosen to analyse is Arnott’s Tim Tam Balls (Refer to Appendix One for product picture).

To explore the product from both a marketing and design perspective it is appropriate to conduct a SWOT analysis.


Tim Tam Balls are a brand extension from one of Arnott’s best selling products, Tim Tam Biscuits. Arnott’s created the product as an easy to eat snack while on the go or as an after dinner snack. The easy to open soft packaging ensures that the product is for people on the go and thus Arnott’s are able to broaden their consumer base.

To avoid the risk of diluting or changing the meaning of the core brand (Tim Tam Biscuits) Arnott’s have maintained similar colours on
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This allows the company to branch out from its traditional round shape snack to say love hearts for Valentines Day, Christmas Trees at Christmas time.

The packaging states that they are ‘original’ flavouring. This allows for flavour development such as caramel and mint slice. In summary, product development is easily achievable.

Because the product is relatively small in size, Arnott’s are easily able to develop marketing campaigns to promote the product where the product is sold. Examples of campaigns would include point of sale ‘sell strips’ that hang from the supermarket shelves. This would increase brand awareness and shelf impact of the product.

While the packaging of the Tim Tam balls is altered, the core brand values of Arnott’s and Tim Tam biscuits is not lost. The packaging still displays the Arnott’s logo with the rosella bird and slogan “there is no substitute for quality”. The product is able to leverage itself from these core values to assert that the product is of good quality. This is called a leveraged superbrand.


Consumers may underestimate the taste of Tim Tam Balls due to the linkage of Tim Tam biscuits. Because of the popularity of Tim Tam Biscuits, consumers are expecting a very similar product in form and shape.

Due to this, it is easy for the consumer to relate Tim Tam balls to a competitor’s product such as Malteser’s, which a consumer may already have a preference for.

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