Tim Tebow's Strength is Jesus Christ

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¨When people see the work ethic, determination and the passion that I have, they're going to ask, "What drives you? What is that?" Well, the answer is my relationship with Jesus Christ. that's just what has always fueled me." (Rogeberg). As a tremendously skilled and dedicated athlete, Tim Tebow uses his strengths to show Christ to people in a unique way. Tim Tebow demonstrates that Christlikeness and courage are essential to being a strong leader. On a crisp summer day, August the fourteenth, nineteen-eighty seven, a legend in football and leader in Christ was born, named Timothy Richard Tebow. He was born into a small town in the Philippines called Makati City. Tim Tebow’s parents were originally from America but they moved to the Philippines to do baptist missionary work (Whitaker, 5). In October of 1990 Tim Tebow’s family of four other older siblings moved to Jacksonville, Florida where Tim was raised. The Tebow’s next door neighbor, Uncle Dick, was like a true uncle to Tim. Most of his childhood memories were spent in Uncle Dick’s household (Whitaker, 7). You rarely see homeschoolers turn into NFL stars, but Tim Tebow was one. His mother homeschooled him from kindergarten until senior year of high school. His mother and father were his biggest influence to getting to know Christ (“Tim Tebow Biography”). Tim Tebow says when he was seven years old he had a strange fear of getting into a wreck and not spending eternity with God. With his parents help he accepted Christ
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