Essay on Tim Winton and Zohra Saed values

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Similar issues, explored in different texts, reflect the values inherent in each composer’s context. Compare and contrast how Winton and Saed explore similar values. Make detailed reference to your texts. An authors values and ideas originate and stem from their personal, historical and cultural context. By comparing the two authors Tim Winton (from an Australian context) and Zohra Saed (Afghani/New York context) we are able to see how similar values are shaped through identity/contex. Winton uses various literary techniques to embed personalised values into his texts such as place, family, and identity in “Big World”, 2005 and “The Turning”, 2005. Zohra Saed has implanted her values of culture, family, memory and identity into “What the…show more content…
Winton also addresses the impact of regionalism and cultural up bringing. Biggie has been raised in a dysfunctional family household, and is not educated beyond the realms of traditional manual labour in “the meatworks or the cannery”. Through first person narrative and vivid sensual imagery, Winton expresses the influence of Australian ‘regionalised’ culture, and the negative impacts it has on youth, limiting their opportunities in life. The importance and value of extended family and family heritage/ memories in Saed’s work is represented by descriptive language, personification and motifs. Saed tells the story of the healing nature of sharing traumatic memories after hers and her extended family’s traumatic experiences. In the lines, “Grandmothers tell the story of healing; how wounds heal only after they have memorized the moment of hurt...” and “Mother’s veil hangs on the wall like a talisman. Her lapis doves and tinselled mountains are misplaced and glorified behind plates of glass…”(What the Scar Revealed) the personification of wounds enables the reader to compare the situation to their own lives, bring it ‘alive’ and giving it a deeper meaning. ‘Wounds’ is a recurring motif throughout the poem to reinforce and emphasise the principal message of the healing nature of sharing traumatic memories. These extracts show the value Saed holds

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