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1. Describe the steps taken in the software selection process at Timberjack. Compare this to a 'traditional' Systems Development Life Cycle. Step-1 – intent: A need was realized. In early 1995, the Swedish groups (Sahlqvist and the Marta) were investigating the acquisition of new computer software to run their parts operations. The main reasons where heavy instability of their existing systems. Frequent system failures came from large amounts of modifications of their source code. As a result, they not always rely on the data thorough there present system. Step-2 – Outlining of a future IS system: Coopers & Lybrand (a management consulting company of about 10,000 employees) helped the top managers outline a future information…show more content…
Bahar schedules meeting dates to accommodate this list of services. They would work with Coopers & Lybrand to create a requirement list for the project. Step-6 - RFP process - preliminary lists of requirements: preliminary lists of requirements for the following where created by Bahr with the partnership of Coopers & Lybrand: accounting, finance, purchasing/planning, customer service, pricing, distribution, benefits, information systems, and all capital expenditures. Step-7- RFP finalized: the RFP with a 52 line item matrix to overview a 200 total page document with over a thousand requirements was developed to guide the software selection, lists of standard reports, and instructions to vendors for the bidding process was included. 50 hard copies were produced, and the RFP was also copied in electronic format. Step-8 – list of vendors: Coopers & Lybrand consulting firm created a list of vendors; the venders where to be constrained by a list of standards generated by the internal standards committee. Step-9 – Vender Request for Quotes: 13 companies were sent the RFP. Well attended and well represented meetings were held in the USA to answer questions that the vendors had regarding the RFP. Vender Request for quotes was requested from 6 companies. Step-10 – Comparative summary: A matrix of 6 companies were generated and used to compare the strengths of the 6 quotes received. Step-11 – Narrowing the list to two: the oversight group of Baher, Coopers & Lybrand,

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