Time For A Management Reset

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Henry Balderach
Lmp 917

In this unit the author speaks about time for a management reset, meaning that since there are so many changes occurring in the business world such as in our economy that it is essential that companies start changing their management strategies. Company managers tend to be more effectively reset their management by restructuring their goals, thus prioritizing environmental and social issues. Furthermore, there are two management resets that occurred in the past, one was the Command and Control Organizations (CCOs), which came about because of mass production due to high consumer demand. The other management reset was the High Involvement Organizations (HIOs) in which began when the work became more difficult and higher educational levels were necessary. The author further states that because of the various environment, social, and business changes that CCOs and HIOs are now obsolete in our current business world; and that the two main reasons are due to the rapid pace of globalization and the rising rate of environmental degradation. Furthermore, the author continues by mentioning that in order to have sustainable management there must be flexibility for change while having environmental awareness, supporting all the employees involved, and making a consistent profit. In order for the effectiveness of an organization it would depend on four methods, which are the how the value is created, how work is organized, how people are treated,

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