Time For Equality : A Satirical Piece On Double Standards

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Time for Equality
(A Satirical Piece on Double Standards) We live in a country of equality where no groups are discriminated against at all. The white population is undoubtedly equal with all other ethnic groups. The same could be said for all of the various religious affiliations too, the Christians are on the same level as the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. May His Noodley Appendage bless all of you my children! Sorry, for that al dente, yet off topic tangent. Back to complete equality. All of the Religions and ethnic groups are fine and all, but where real equality starts is in the sexes. When it comes to the sexes, it is undoubtedly the most equal group to be ever conceived by the human conciseness. Years of toil and strife have resulted in an overall benefit for both sexes. It’s not like there are any double standards or anything of that nature floating around like an ironic blight from hell. No, no, no not at all. Even going as far as saying that there are three double standards that are by far more insidious than all of the others. It’s not like I can identify these so-called double standards by name either. It would be a complete triviality for me to say that there are major double standards in today’s society and they happen to be modern “feminism”, being “objectified”, and the “justice” in crimes between sexes. Modern feminism is a completely just cause and a group consisting of the smartest and most logical individuals on the face of this patriarchal
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