Time Is An Illusion, By Albert Einstein

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“Time is an illusion.” – Albert Einstein “How may the experience of time be so intimately familiar, while the concept of time so resistant to verbal description[?]” – J.T. Fraser I laid shivering and trembling uncontrollably on the MRI table as I heard the voice of a young technician telling me over an intercom to “stay as still as possible, otherwise we’ll have to repeat the tests again.” He monotonically assured me that “it should take about 45 minutes to an hour” to produce a full MRI, MRA, and angiogram of my brain. As I was slowly entered into the impossibly tight machine, I closed my eyes and began to mentally keep track of time. One minute…two minutes…nine minutes. Early into the test however, my time keeping was unnoticeably overrun by anxious thoughts. What if they actually find a tumor in my head? What then? At the very least I’ll finally have an explanation for the past few months. I suddenly realized that I had unmindfully stopped counting the minutes and had lost track of time. Shit! How long have I been in here? I think I was at nine minutes, or was it 19? No, it couldn’t have been that long. I felt an overwhelming sense of panic started to build up, and had became increasingly frightened. I could not distinguish if a moment lasted for a few seconds or for a few minutes, and I didn’t dare opening my eyes. The notion of “time keeping” is so engraved into our everyday lives as human beings that it becomes difficult to objectively extract one solid definition.
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