Time Is More Precious Than Gold

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People usually say “Time is gold” and sometimes “Time is more precious than gold”. Those sentences are obviously true in many circumstances, especially in the business world. Making a decision just in time can help executives gain incredible profits for their organizations. On the other hand, a few-second-late response might cost the business a very high price. In order to help executives to make decisions in a timely manner, analysts should bring them actionable dashboards, not just boards with full of colors, numbers, charts and graphs but no insights. Executive dashboards play an instrumental role in making business decisions. However, there are not all companies out there in the business world paying adequate attention to this.…show more content…
In the latter case, it might be interesting to see the number of daily customers, but it does not bring any insights to drive actions. The second thing is data presented a dashboard must be up-to-date in real time or semi-real time. A dashboard builder needs to keep in mind that a dashboard is totally different with a report, which shows data in the past. If the information shown in a dashboard is out-of-date, it is useless to help the executives grasp the current business situation to adjust or improve it. In the worse case, outdated information might lead to inappropriate decisions, costing time and money of the business. Once again, a dashboard is not a lengthy report but easy to read. Therefore, an optimized dashboard should be fitted in one letter size page. Many analysts try to make up their dashboards with as much information as they can because they are not able to pick the precise metrics. Unfortunately, such dashboards might distract the viewers from the meaningful matters. In addition, a good dashboard is an interactive one, meaning that the viewers can interact easily and comfortably with it. The viewer can do basic manipulations to drive insight that they are looking for, adjusting parameters or filtering data, for example. An interactive dashboard helps the users to dig deeper into the insight to make decisions better and more quickly in just
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