Time Management And Its Importance Of Time Management In College

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Time Management and its importance in College
“Time is like a sword. If you don't use the sword properly, you may hurt yourself”, a famous Arabic proverb. Most of us admit that there is enough time. some people wish a day is more than 24 hours. When you have homework, quizzes, exams, projects, and revision all at the same time, you need to be a pro in time managing. By being good at time managing, you will have more free time to enjoy life and be successful in your career.
Firstly, I would like to address this issue because many of college students, especially freshmen, struggle in finishing their assignments on time. In my own experience, I had time organization issues in high school, because I had more than 7 subjects; each subject had three quizzes, two exams, one or two projects, and a final. In the four years of high school, I have established many habits that made me better as a time manager in college in which I will further explain.
What is time management? Time management is the way to prosper in life, the way to know yourself, and the way to have more fun. You shouldn’t work harder, you should work smarter. We all live this 24-hour-a-day. Within this duration, some people rise to the peak, while others just waste time. Being a good time manager enables you to have a good reputation, stress-free life, and have a good score on most subjects.
How can you be professional in time management? First, you need to stop multi-tasking, it kills your focus and creativity. When
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