Time Management At A Young Age I Was Diagnosed With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( Adhd )

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Time Management Time management is defined as; the process of planning and applying conscious control over the amount of time it takes to effectively and efficiently finish a particular objective. These skills are consider to be a very important trait in many aspects of life, with good reason. Having poor time management skills causes increased stress, effecting your mood leading to negative personal and professional consequences. Improving time management skills will results in better quality work, reduce stress, helping one increase the efficiency of their use of time. At a young age I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which causes me to have a difficult time paying attention for extend periods of time.…show more content…
However other motivators that are just important include, producing higher quality work, eliminating the feelings of being rushed to complete an objective, and simply having more free time with loved ones. My main goal of improving my time management skills requires me not only to change the way I work on things, but changing my mentality on organization, multi-tasking, and procrastination. Achieving this goal will help me avoid falling behind in school and work, decreasing the necessity of late night working sessions, inevitably reducing the intense feelings of overwhelming stress. The information I found through online sources include the eBook “Superhuman Guide to Time Management”, by Ryan Cooper, and a few articles on time management, multi-tasking, and procrastination located on varies websites. I chose these websites based on their source of information pertaining to the subject. Cooper’s book covers all three of the topics that involved in my action plan which include; organization, multi-tasking and procrastination. First tip for becoming organized is planning out a schedule, but in order to have a properly planned schedule, one must understand what good schedule resembles. This includes allotting the proper amount time, it must be sustainable, clearly defined, account for delays or unexpected events, and to set tasks to complete a common goal. Now one must choose a medium to record the schedule in,
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