Time Management Case Study Final

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(Q1)There is never enough time in the day. There are so many things to be done. We all live extremely busy lives with kids sports practice, time to exercise, fix dinner, and work all day long…..our days are so packed most of the time it is difficult to get anything extra done or worked in. In order to be organized and effective, we must practice and plan time management. With time management, we are able to use it as a skill or process of planning in order to make our limited amount of time best used. I chose this topic because of it’s versatility and one of the most important over-looked issues we face day to day.
Everyone is always talking about how valuable their time is. We think of time in the way that our time living is limited, and the end time is unknown. Every second, minute, hour we are alive, we are wanting to make the very best of it. Our time must be meaningful and not useless. Because our society is so focused on this, businesses have produced products to allocate our time better. Organizational tools, technological advances, metabolic energy, and food are only to name a few.
(Q2) In the business world, time management is vital to success. There are many different techniques and strategies that businesses use everyday to better their use of time pertaining to productivity, clock hours, finances, etc. One business in particular is Bain & Company. Bain & Company is not a typical business that you would think of when…

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