Time Management Is An Important Quality

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Time Management Time management is an important quality that everyone needs to have. Time management is the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours in your day to accomplish your goals (Psychology Today). Personally, I have a really hard time with time management. Time wasters are my biggest enemy. Time wasters are what keep you from using you time effectively. Take cell phones for example: I could be working on homework, my phone goes off and I lose all thought. Cell phones cause interruptions, whether it be texts, calls, Facebook, or SnapChat something draws your attention away from what you need to be focused on. Turning off an unnecessary technology is a great way to eliminate time wasters. Without the laptop and cellphone on you can focus on what you really need to be doing. Your friend cannot text you wanting to do things, social media notifications are not distracting you, and you cannot be browsing the internet when you are actually supposed to be working. Another time waster would be procrastination. Everyone has procrastinated at some point, whether it was an assignment we did not want to do or a task at work we want to do, we all have done it. The act is it only hurts us in the end. We either rushed to complete the task or assignment and it was not that great, or we did not even do it at all. Way’s to stop procrastinating include: breaking it down so it’s not so overwhelming, knowing the consequences of not doing the assignment, and eliminating

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