Time Management: Method for Prioritizing Daily Tasks

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Design your method for prioritizing daily tasks, describe your method When I prioritize my daily tasks and I am feeling particularly organized, I use the method developed by Stephen Covey, as discussed in his book on The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey's method involves creating a matrix that is divided into four sections, each of which contains different time-specific activities (The time management matrix," Brief Group, 2012). The activities in the upper left hand corner are designated as urgent and important tasks. These are tasks that must be taken care of as soon as possible, within a short time frame. These tasks might include homework assignments due that day, studying for a test, getting to work on time, going grocery shopping, or getting the car fixed. The second, lower-left quadrant tasks are urgent but less important. These might include making plans for the evening, reading the news online, or returning daily emails to friends. The upper right hand quadrant is devoted to non-urgent, but important matters, such as long-term planning for my future career. This might include polishing my resume to submit it for better jobs, looking for a cheaper place to live, or making arrangements to go to a networking event. These are long-term goals that must be achieved so I can continue to move forward in life. They might not get 'worked on' every day, especially on a busy day with many urgent tasks, but if I ignore them for too long I may fall behind in
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