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Literature Review

This paper draws literature that discusses stress and time management in relation to leadership skills that subscribes to an embodied view of organisations.

In Forsyth (2003), time management is about working actively to create efficiency and effectiveness in a way that makes achieving your target more likely. Good effective time management is a core skill, a differentiating factor which allows you to have an edge over other people (Williams & Cooper 2002). Time management is not optional; it is something that everyone has to acquire in order to work effectively, to achieve work-life balance and most importantly helping us to stay focus. Everyone practices time management to some degree; the only question is how
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While stress is typically discussed in a negative context, it does have positive values. Brewer (1995) notes that seeing stress as a force that motivates and energizes you rather than making one anxious and frustrated, allows channeling of energy into productive results.

However, most people view stress as detrimental (stress: from symptoms to syndromes journal) to our overall well-being. Stress comes from various channels of sources; task and role demands in the workplace, at home and in school etc, in fact your attitude towards time determines the stress level at which you choose to operate in (gift of time journal). Burnout occurs when one experiences too much stress for an extended period of time (Roney & Cooper, 1997).

Effective time management is often one used strategy for dealing with stress (Vecchio 2003). Experiencing stress is a complex phenomenon complicated to separate mental and bodily experiences into discrete domains (Shiling 1993). Cryer, McCraty and Childre (2003) refer stress to two simultaneous events: en external stimulus called stressor and the emotional and physical response to that stimulus, (fear, anxiety). Rubenstein and Sinatra (1998) reinforced that an individual is said to be experiencing stress when he is unable to cope effectively with that

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