Time Management Essay

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Time Management

The largest percentage of my time went into sleeping which isn’t a
surprise, however tracking how I used my time made it obvious that further
time management was needed to achieve my maximum potential. Such
improvements would be to the undesirable categories: Structured and
Un-structured leisure, a decrease by half the amount of hours used by
these categories would assist my private studies and improve my
overall academic performance. This should lead to a third of my time
into travelling, eating, class contact, structured and un-structured
leisure. And another third into private study and finally the last
third into sleeping. Trying this new arrangement of time keeping
provided to be a positive outcome in my day to day
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my time was difficult at those weeks as it meant planning how to use
the space provided in the diary, the style (font style) and
presentation to allocate appropriate times for modules, meetings, and
appointments, all of these must be effective and realistic to suite my
life style. In addition, those weeks seems as an unpleasant challenge
rather a positive experience to be a university student. I had little
time to spend visiting and using the university facilities, which
proved to aid my education in the following weeks (wk 5-9). At the
same time I tried compressing my available time for coursework
research, preparation (making notes) before a particular lecture or
assignments (e.g. cell biology essay), and keeping track of future
assignments, etc. As a resulted it affected my sleeping time and lead
to a lack of concentration during lectures, which suggested my time
management was not suitable for me. In week 5 after attempting the
human physiology MCQ, I scored below my average standards, which
confirmed my time management wasn’t helping me at all and that my
study skills need to improve too, therefore a change was taken
seriously by cutting down nearly half the hours spent with structured
and un-structured leisure, i.e. cutting down on TV, web-surfing,
socializing, and gym activities. Therefore adjusting the time evenly
with all the modules and other activities…

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