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9 Time Management Plan LaKeshia Chaney Walden University Time Management Plan The efforts to reaching a goal begin with self-discipline and confidence that accomplishing the goals with being another milestone completed within the timeframe allotted. Reviewing each goal over and over is something that will happen on a regular basis until satisfaction of the results. Making one’s self-accountable to family and friends is one of the best ways to reach a goal. The family and friends support an individual with his or her vision to do better in life. Determining the big picture of the goals, selecting activities to help achieve goals and choosing daily tasks to make up the chosen goal is heading in a positive direction (Laureate Education,…show more content…
There is three phase to goal-setting strategies (planning, implementation, and evaluation). The goal-setting program will be useful if the process is thoroughly carried out. For example, identifying the action and measuring the progress of each goal. The implementation portion will be to monitor the progress of each goal. The goals will change with time as an individual digest the goal itself. Lastly, receiving feedback from others, such as friends, colleagues, and family help improves the target strategy. Goal-setting creates a focus of attention and action by identifying what an individual vision of his or her life (Rohn, 2015). Self-Analysis As a student of Walden University, goals established in week one were a starting point to get the ball rolling on potential goals that are achievable. The purpose of reevaluating goals is to ensure they are reasonable with the current situation and on track with future dreams. However, understanding the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in an attempt to accomplish a goal. The first step is to examine each goal and determines what tools and training required. An individual should hope for the best, but also plan for the worst in pursuing a Doctoral degree (Barker, 2014a). The next step is to understand the skill sets and to reflect back to previous goals with strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis, below are the attributes: Strengths The

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