Time Management Within The Military

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Time management plays a vital role in each and every unit with the United States Army and it affects how quickly they can respond to problems when they arise. Time management encompasses just about everything in the Army. From Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCO) making sure their soldiers are in the right place at the right time by tracking all their soldiers appointments and duties or the squad leaders and other Non-Commissioned Officers making sure that maintenance is being completed on time so the aircraft are ready to fly, and making sure that soldiers are ready for their flights for the day all the way down to the lower enlisted soldier making sure he or she is on time and ready to complete their day. These are the just a few of the things that time management encompasses within the military. So what is time management? Time management is a skill that needs to learned or if need be taught to every soldier within the ranks. Imagine a unit that has no time management skills. Soldiers are late for flights, they miss appointments and in turn receive article fifteens, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers are being scolded by their First Sergeants for not being able to properly track their soldiers which in turn falls downhill to the squad leaders. Maintenance isn’t completed and a majority of the fleet is down leaving only a few aircraft in an airworthy status, as the operational readiness level continues to drop, soldiers fail to complete training requirements and are
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