Time Management and Learning Styles Essay

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Time Management and Learning Styles
In a society where life seems to be a race against time for many, time is precious. Going to nursing school has allowed me to explore the nurse’s role. Consequently, I think of time management more than ever. There is no doubt that managing time wisely is fundamental when caring for multiple patients. However, efficient time distribution is important in all aspects. As a married, full-time college student who works part-time, I know that taking care of school, job, family, and housework as well as getting appropriate rest, nutrition, and having some leisure time seems too much to fit in 24 hours. This assignment has shed some light on my learning styles, benefits and challenges of online education, and time management. I have been able to explore strategies and elaborate an action plan to overcome my personal difficulties.
School work is where I currently spend most of my time. Any suggestions that allow me to learn smarter are welcome. Taking a quiz to discover my learning style, its weaknesses and strengths has been a great tool. According to its results, I am quite balanced between sensing and intuitive styles, visual and verbal, and sequential and global. On the other hand, it seems I tend to be a reflective learner over an active learner. Sometimes I learn better by taking action or applying and explaining concepts to others. However, I acknowledge I have predominantly learned using reflective style traits such as thinking through…