Time Management in Nursing

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Time Management Acacia Xavier Davidson Everest Nursing | Henderson, NV Fundamentals II Professor McNeill-Day Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Time Management A nursing student’s time is precious. The amount of time that it takes a student to secure a degree varies by college, yet the process still requires extreme dedication, diligence, mental stamina, and judicious time-management. Once a student has been accepted into a nursing program and begun their education, it soon becomes apparent the need to adapt and accustom a pattern of readjustment to the field of nursing. Overcoming what lies in the unknown, assessing one’s own stress, discovering ways to reduce stress, and creating ultimate compensation that is reflected by achieving good…show more content…
These nursing students who were purposefully chosen utilized the grounded theory method; the findings indicated the need for the students to have time for extra-curricular activities and responsibilities that were appropriate to their individual ages. When the students failed to manage their time judiciously to render out of school activities, often they perceived themselves under more stress. (Mirzaei et al., 2012, Line 14-15) While an additional study that took
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