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When I first realized I would be taking a class where I would analyze texts from all around the world I was excited. I had never paid attention to the origin of writer’s, because until that point most all of my readings were based in the United States of America, or from American authors. I do not feel that all the books we read as a class left me with greater knowledge or a different outlook on the world but some did. I will never forget reading A Tale For The Time Being because it changed me. Reading a coming of age story about suicide, family issues and cosmic intervention opened up my mind. It was my first time reading and needing to put a book down to further process what I had read. I recalled the questions from Humanities I: Who am I? What is my place? What does it mean to be human?, and most importantly How then shall I live? I found similarities between myself and Nao which made me uncomfortable. She had no clear answer for any of the above questions, and neither do I.

The connection between reader and writer was made clear through the relationship of Nao and Ruth. This led me to establish a greater connection to the story and become invested in my relationship as the reader. I did not understand the concept of suicide before reading A Tale For The Time Being because it seemed pathetic and pointless. It was not until I read Nao’s explanation of it, how it feels like the only choice, and that I was truly able to relate. When her father swallowed an entire bottle of
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