Time Recorded of Timor

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Times Recorder of Timor I. Time Context The conflict between the two unions arises sometime in November 1960. II. View Point Ramil Carvalho the President and Founder of Times Recorder of Timor Labor Union III. Major Policy Statement Earlier in 1960 the Times Recorder of Timor has no existing union that will represent their employees. It was then that Carvalho – Saavedra establish their union the Times Recorder of Timor Labor Union and on that same year Falcao – Conceisao also establish his own union the Times Recorder of Timor Employees Association. The company policy is the there should be only one union to represent its employees and worker. Under the law, a company union is illegal and it is also stated that under the…show more content…
Also, if your concession is done with good grace and even some humor, it will disarm your opponent and make him/her look small-minded by comparison 3. Apply rationality. Much conflict is not about substance but perception. Try to clear through the perception to discover and agree on how things really are. You won 't manage this without discussion and you may need to research the facts and seek evidence. IX. X. Analysis of Alternatives Alternative Course of actions | Advantage | Disadvantage | 1. Compromise | * Both parties will come to a decision that will benefit both parties and also the workers and employers and they will surely come up with the possible solution that will help both parties involved. By Compromising you are showing exactly what you stand to gain and lose from a transaction, as well as emphasizing what the other person stands to gain and lose. By demonstrating this through your actions, you are making the entire process more transparent for everyone involved. | * Usually when two parties decided to compromise they don’t get all their demands, some demands are taken for granted to come up with unison between two parties involved. And there are times that the other party losses its identity over the ruling party who represents them. | 2. Be magnanimous | * Being magnanimous does not mean you’re a coward, sometimes we have to step back to a battle if the condition of greater people is at stake. We need to set
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