Time To Rebuild; The Department of Defense Must be Restructured

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The Department of Defense takes up the majority of the US budget; it not only pulls in over a trillion dollars of taxpayer money yearly, but it also is unable to accurately account for the exact whereabouts of those funds year after year. The DoD does, of course, offer its own budget, however, due to the byzantine and ineffective nature of the Federal Bureaucracy, it is impossible to verify if the money is even so much as used for its intended purpose. Looking at this budget, two sections stand out as bloated, which is a statement in a budget that is packed with Pork-barrel spending: Procurement, and Maintenance. Ultimately, should these two areas of the budget be reasonably downsized, and the others thoroughly audited, the DoD’s operating expenses could be reduced drastically, much to the taxpayer's benefit. Procurement is, by far, the easiest section of the budget to pare down; a few simple reforms in regards to the process by which government contracts are granted, coupled with the elimination of several pork-barrel programs, could save federal government millions of dollars. In regards to contracts, all deals should be strictly held to the original price and time frame; While that might seem like an obvious step, it is in fact a great leap forward for the DoD, where most programs go over budget. A Poignant example of this is the F-35 fighter jet, which has cost taxpayers 100 billion more than expected, and is 7 years behind on production. Further more, if regulations
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