Time Travel: Wormholes and Ideas on Traveling Forwards and Backwards

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The concept of time travel is one that often twists the minds of many. The hope is well alive in the hearts of many to go back in time and roam with the dinosaurs, or travel forward to the year of 3404. The following research paper is about time travel, and contains a collection of information on wormholes, the ideas and possibilities of travelling backwards and forwards in time, the concept of the speed of time, and black holes. Space is often depicted as a two dimensional plane, but in reality, space has length, width, height, and also time. Time causes space to become a four dimensional realm. Nothing is flat or solid, including space. It has crevices, voids, and wrinkles. Imagine yourself driving in a car. If you drive in one straight…show more content…
Wormholes are all around, but are much too small to see. They occur in the nooks and crannies of space and time, and go to more than just planets. If both ends of a wormhole are in the same place, only separated by time, anything that that is pulled in may come out the same place it entered, only at a different time. Negative energy pulls space and time into the mouth of the tunnel, and pushes it out in another universe, much like its exhaust. Wormholes are kind of like stereo systems, as they both can have feedback destroy them. With a stereo system, sound enters the microphone, this travels through wires into an amplifier. The amplifier pushes the sound out into a room, and makes it louder. If the sound that is being pushed into the room goes back into the microphone, it gets caught in a loop, getting louder and louder. This is called feedback. If the feedback is not stopped, the stereo system can destroy itself. A wormhole has a type of feedback as well, only in the form of radiation. A wormhole may expand, and as its natural radiation enters, it becomes stuck in a loop until the wormhole destroys itself. Stephen Hawking believes that one day we may be able to capture, stabilize, and enlarge wormholes for time travel. Tiny wormholes may inflate someday, but they would not last long enough from human time travel, into the future or the past. Time travel into the past is a concept that many

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