Time Vs. Computer Addiction

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Time vs Computers Everyday lives are impacted by computers, and internet access. Many people across the globe rely on personal computers to organize information, communicate with family, accomplish educational matters, and enjoy entertainment. Although, computers are a great tool to use, there is a possibility of obsession or overuse of this technology. The overuse, or obsession can cause individuals to neglect others, as well as self. This behavior can result to computer addiction. Obligations can be neglected, because too much time is spent on the computer. According to Wieland, “Young claims there were 56 million internet users in 1997. Extrapolating from prevalence rates of other addictions, 5-10 percent of users will most likely experience IAD.” Young’s survey suggest that too much time on the computer during the week and on weekends, adding to an average total of 40-78 hour per week, illustrates time not used to concentrate on mandatory work or home responsibilities. The psychological and social effect of IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder) include spending excessive time on the internet and experiencing a compulsive desire to do this activity. (3) Symptoms of Internet Addition include lack of attention to personal needs for proper food, hygiene. Sleep is interrupted due to the late hours until early mornings hours spent on the computer/internet. Many people who are affected by this obsession, are decreasing physical activities, and socialization. (Wieland 2)
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