Time in "Time's Visitors" by F. Sladen Smith

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In “Time’s Visitors” F. Sladen Smith brings to lime light a universal fact that existence of every entity is impermanent. Life and death are not eternal either. Only time is permanent and it heals up the sorrows and grieves of man. In this play the writer has delineated the importance of time by the statue of time. The statue of time, located in a small public garden, is always being cursed by the visitors. Everyone despises the statue of time as they consider it to be callous because it snatches all happiness and gives nothing. The statue of time is something agonizing for all of them except Collins, the park keeper. Besides him all other people harbour feelings of hatred for it. Everyone finds fault in …show more content…
Youth will change into old age and one can not run away from the timely processes. Collin is amazed at the Statue’s tolerance for the resentment he has to confront. The statue of time exhibits extra patience in facing the animosity of the people and tell Collins that the derision will not make him speak to the people. He only speaks to Collins as they are old chaps. At the end of the play, the statue consoles an old woman named Harriet who had lost her son. The statue of time elucidates to her that nothing is permanent in this world. “The greatest of all illusion is permanence. There can be no permanence; birth and death; order and chaos jostle each other incessantly.” The statue of time lulls her to sleep so that the sorrow of her bereavement may turn into peace. Consequently Harriet is seen sleeping soundly as if time has healed her heart and mitigated her sorrow. The statue wants to make her understand that everything comes to an end. How much a person may strive, he can not make things live eternally. Man is himself immortal, so are the things around him.
“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles.” Charlie Chaplin, The “trivial pursuits” for which man has grown into a tensed and fidgety creature are actually a mountain of fugacious aspirations that are here today and gone tomorrow. Time is permanent like flow of an ocean. It passes

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