Timekeeping is the Greatest Invention Essay

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Throughout human existence, one of the most prominent inventions ever has to be the act of recording time, or timekeeping. Ever since the most primitive eras of civilization mankind has found ways to measure the passage of time from studying celestial bodies, the sun, moon, planets, and stars. Beginning with timepieces that run on daylight, such as the sundial, developing into digital clocks we use today, it can even be argued that timekeeping is even a basic necessity in today’s society. As long ago as 20,000 years ago ice-age hunters from Europe would take sticks and bones and scratch lines and mark holes in them, supposedly counting the days between phased of the moon. 5,000 years ago, the Sumerians that had occupied present-day Iraq …show more content…
Close to 2,000 b.c, the Babylonians, also from present-day Iraq, devised a year of 12 alternating 29-day and 30-day months that resulted in a 354-day year. Around the same time, in England, Stonehenge was built. Even thought there are no written documents of the construction of Stonehenge, its positions show its uses in fact included the purpose of celestial and seasonal events that included solstices, lunar eclipse, and other things. Unlike the Babylonians and Stonehenge, in Central America, the Mayans relied on Venus and not only the sun and moon, to create 260-day and 365-day calendars. Until about 1500a.d this culture thrived. The Mayans left celestial-cycle records demonstrating their belief that the creation of the world occurred in 3113 B.C. Their calendars later turned into portions of the great Aztec calendar stones. Other civilizations, such as the modern West, have adopted a 365-day solar calendar with a leap year taking place every fourth year, which is the calendar we use today.
So, why is time so important? Well, time is one of the most fundamental things we use in everyday life. Most people don’t even realize how often they check the time each day. For example, in one day, an average student would need to check the time for: when to wake up, when to leave for school, when their first class starts, when they can leave
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