Timeline Of Schizophrenia Essay

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The Historical Timeline of Schizophrenia Mental health has been studied for centuries now. There have been fast differences major evolutional discoveries and changes since mental health has been researched and studied. Many theorists have been pioneers in their respective studies and laid the blueprint for what it is today. One of the interesting diagnosis’s during the early development is how Schizophrenia is a diagnosis that has been misunderstood over the centuries. The criteria that would determine one such a label, has shifted drastically. Although it has shifted and the information we have today is much more polished due to the amount of research and studies that have taken place, it’s important to learn and know the history behind how schizophrenia came to be and how it was coined to become such a noticeable and intricate part of diagnosis’s in psychology. Leading the way in the foundation and discovery of…show more content…
Treatment today can still be a long and draining process of trial and error to find the right medications which can last for years. However, due to the research and various studies that have been conducted throughout several centuries, there has been a tremendous growth of understanding of the mental illness and have found better ways to treat it for individuals who are struggling with such a mental disorder. Research on schizophrenia and the way to treat it is still something of a mystery even though progress has vastly been made. Currently, there is still no cure for schizophrenia. Studies are continuously being done and progress continues to be made in terms of better understanding the disorder, however, there is still much to learn. Hopefully, as time goes on, treatment options will continue to improve and ultimately, either a cure or a way to prevent the disorder will be
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