Timex Case Anaylsis

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Time as an Industry

“Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” For years this is the image that has been associated with Timex watches – dependable, reliable, almost indestructible. Timex’s (www.timex.com) advertising was closely associated with the Timex image. The advertising campaign featured different attempts to destroy Timex watches that failed to stop the Timex from ticking. One memorable ad showed a Timex watch strapped to the propeller of a motor boat before being driven across the lake. The dripping watch was proudly displayed as the second hand swept past the face of the watch.

The Company

Timex has been the industry leader since 1960. In fact, Timex’s share of the Canadian and US watch market was 50 percent by the late
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Additionally, Timex made a major change in its advertising strategy. Watch companies traditionally focused their advertising campaigns in the spring and fall. In what industry executives called a first, Timex began advertising continuously throughout the year. As a result, in 1993 Timex unit sales rose about 30 percent, with more than half the increase attributed to Indiglo.

Given its success, it is not surprising that Timex continued to put almost its entire advertising budget into campaigns for Indiglo in 1994. And the Indiglo is HOT. Timex was fortunate enough to get some impressive testimonials from customers who rolled in along with sales. These stories provided some fascinating material for potential ad campaigns. Consider the following:

* A man led a group of people down 34 unlit flights of stairs in the bombed World Trade Center in New York City by the light of an Indiglo. * A Los Angeles couple lit their way to safety after an earthquake with an Indiglo watch. * Four people clung to a capsized fishing boat overnight, comforted by the reassuring blue beam of a Timex lndiglo.

The Indiglo technology is “making ho-hum Timex kind of hip”. In fact, earlier attempts to upscale the product line and develop more fashionable products were hampered by perceptions that the products have got a $12.95 name on them.

Currently, Timex has 20 to 30 watch styles with

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