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AB299: Final Project Business Analyst of Tim’s Coffee Shoppe 06/17/2012 Executive Summary After carefully analyzing your Coffee Shoppe, I have found several aspects that are considered strengths and weaknesses. Tim’s Coffee Shoppe has already established its presence in the busy downtown area of Sunnydale, Illinois. Your shop is located by a large college and Horvath and Arbanes Station, which are major bus stations. The shops’ location is great because of the steady traffic flow throughout the day and it is accessible from several parts of town. The shop is lacking a few technological updates as well as organization. From my analysis, I concluded that only accepting payments in the form of cash is making you lose some of your…show more content…
Here are several short term goals I have set for you: * Give the shop a technology makeover * Get organized! * Accept other forms of payment Here are several long term goals I have set for you: * Open a second location on the bus line * Continue to boost morale amongst employees * Establish a positive image with the local university to create additional long term clientele. Lastly, your storage area is a complete mess. Your storage area has a mix of food and non food items including chemicals! Please see my action plan below for solutions to these problems. Action Items: * Clear message board of anything that is not related to current events at Tim’s Coffee Shoppe or regulations. * Up to date Local, State and Federal regulations should be visible at all times. * Display the mission statement for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe * Get free WIFI for customers who want to use their computers in the shop * Accept credit and debit cards by obtaining a credit card machine. This will be more convenient for your customers because it allows them to pay easier. * Clean storage areas * Update everything so that it is done on the computer. This includes time sheets. Your cash register as well as the computer in the back room should be upgraded as well. The

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