Tim's Coffee Shop Essay

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Tim’s Coffee Shop is a small coffee shop which is in Sunnydale, Illinois. The building is in the middle of the city, so will be able to attract more consumers. The vision of the Tim’s Coffee Shop is to be ‘Establish Tim’s one of the best coffee shop experience, it will do this by focusing on providing quality, service, and value to all its customers’. The shop needs to focus on different aspects such as financial aspect, human resource, and marketing aspect to conduct its business effectively and efficiently.
The manager of the Tim’s Coffee shop does the preparation of financial statements. All the transactions are recorded in the ancient obsolete computer and in different files. The prices of the products of Tim’s coffee are comparatively higher than its competitors. The pricing of the Tim’s Coffee is comparatively higher than its competitors, initially the company must focus on
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Tim’s coffee shop is likely to earn profits after amending the changes as it will help in attracting more customers.
Tim’s coffee shop should be able to run from 6 months to 1 year. It needs to build a brand image and make it recognized in the mind of consumers so as to gain customer loyalty. It needs to invest heavily on its marketing and advertisement activities which at times require huge fixed costs
Tim’s coffee shop needs to focus on improving its internal environment with a touch of advancement in its shop. The company needs to decrease its prices a bit so that the company can gain more consumers which will help in increasing the customer base of the company which will help in increasing the sale of the company. The Tim’s coffee shop also needs to focus on increasing its product menu, which will also able to increase the sales and the profits of the company. By focusing on these the company will be able to gain more funds to operate its
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