Tinx's Argument Analysis

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There is an art to music that is unlike anything else. Given that a person ahs no impairment that causes them to be unable to make or listen to it, it is the one thing, no matter the sound that every human can relate to. We dance, we sing, we just simply enjoy the melody of any tune. In the case of. Despite my never being born in Trinidad, I have always liked and related to. Perhaps that is why I chose to play this instrument that originated from where my parents are from. It is my belief that music is the one concept that has no color, and no discrimination that brings people together for the sake of enjoying music and having a good time Following Tinx’s fine advice from last time I was at rehearsal (Tinx. Personal Interview. 9 Feb, 20), 16 I walked around campus, listening to the music we played from the weeks before and beat my imaginary pan to the sound that was my respectively in the sound. Being very new to the Steel Pan, I was not a pro, or even a…show more content…
However, when the band expands, it becomes less of a micromanaging situation, and more of a situation where the people within their own band groups manage and themselves within the group (Chris. Personal Interview. 27 February, 2016). In addition, he described his love of athletes that becomes apart of the group. “Sometimes, when you have all music majors who are all working to get better , it becomes a competition, because the less people who are good, the more you shine. Yet, when athletes have worked with me in the past, they would always come in a little earlier, and leave a little later, and help everyone out around them. It is that team mentality that makes a band good, not just the drive to be the best out of all of the people in the group that makes the sound beautiful.” (Chris. Personal Interview. 27 February,
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