Tiny Opera Company Essay

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BSBSUS501 Assessment 1

Unit Name: BSBSUS501- Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

Course Name: Diploma of Business

Tiny Opera Company operates in a rural NSW town. Colleen Starr started the company after moving to the small town from Sydney in the late 1970s. Colleen wanted to bring the wonder and entertainment of theatre-based performances to rural NSW. Her vision was to create a regional theatre that emulated the Sydney Opera House; making theatre both accessible and valued in her town and the surrounding community. Stella’s idea and passion was shared by a wealthy landowner in the area who donated $2.3 million to
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Time frame * Within the next 12 months to see the actions implemented of * Implementing a sustainability continuous improvement strategy * Minimizing resource use

3. Cost of implementing the option * Replacing the new efficient product $55,000 * Miscellaneous $2,000

Draft of sustainability policy

Scope of the policy
Tiny Opera Company has the policy about environment sustainability covers both the responsible and efficient use and management of resources to minimize the impact on and conserve the environment for present and future
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