Tiny Tim Research Paper

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It all began back in 1787 when Tim was born in upstate New York. Tim was brought into this world unusually. He was a single-cell organism that didn’t have reason. Then on his floating travels, he fell into the puddle of funk along the streets of New York and pop he turned into Tiny Tim. Nobody saw him because he was only two inches tall. Though Tim was a single-cell, he did have two loving parents. From the day he was born he is made of steel. He has muscles like mountains. His eyes are as blue as the sky on a warm summer's day. His hair is that of dirty grass. But Samuel Charles had a steamship that launched on November 21st, just two months after Tim was born. Tim’s parents were put into the ship and sent off to Canada. Thankfully it was winter though because Snowy the snowman was able to watch after Tim and keep him safe.…show more content…
Back in 1792 when he was only five, Tim had traveled from upstate New York to Washington D.C. where he solved his first problem. It was the summer of 1792, and with the summer comes the bugs. Not just any bugs, it was Fred the fly and Stan the spider. They were attacking Mr. President. He is the most important person in the United States and he was being attacked like crazy! What would the Americans do without him? The first idea that came to Tim’s head was “let's build a huge house”. So Tim did just that. He didn't waste any time and sprang into action. It took only a few hours and it was complete. A few bangs and pows. On the presidential grounds stood a pink house. Tim named it The White House to keep racial discrimination to a minimum. No Tim didn't just paint it pink to make it look pretty, he did it to scare the bugs off. Tim had just realized that the president’s term was coming to an end so he had convinced the U.S to let him live in his White House for another
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