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SBC Discounts provides a clear-cut solution to a perennial student problem, finance. We provide a discount card, app and online platform to students that provides 20% off a vast array of local businesses surrounding Universities. We have designed these discounts based on specific research that ensures that only relevant deals for students will be displayed and used on a day-to-day basis. We provide further services including student recruitment, local business promotions and student holidays. The Generation IV: Never say Goodbye Project, is a sentimental, feel-good, professionally produced Yearbook with everybody from the IEM MSc 2014-15 cohort. We wanted to create a great memory for our class, looking back over what has been a fantastic…show more content…
Finally we delivered a report on the edTech segment, its competitors and future tendencies. We also provided an idea and an effective strategy to enter the market, leveraging Caribu 's strengths. A case study on the design influence and history of one of the most popular and marketed headphones globally: Beats Electronics value proposition is to redefine the musical experience, as well as provide a superior end-to-end music experience. When a customer purchases a Beats Electronic item they are buying style, culture, colour and quality. Beats Electronics has a product that conveys such a powerful image and strong message to those who purchase it. Ultimately, has been one of Beats Electronics strongest assets, that has led to its global recognition. Before we could conceptualise and develop our start-up Tom Yum, we had to carry out in-depth analysis into Wasabi, our direct competitor, in order to highlight the growing trend of UK customers’ preference for healthy fast food. It also clarified how Wasabi’s growth has successfully increased its market share by introducing healthy, accessible and good quality food. Ultimately, the insights from our research illustrated that there is penetrable market for healthy fast food, and an accessible target demographic. Furthermore, Wasabi’s ambitious expansion strategy is reflective of the opportunity that the healthy fast food provides. Between the three winning business ideas! We came second. Trufflx, is a

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