Tips For A Dessert Shop

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et up a dessert shop in UEA
My dessert shop will be named Tiramisu, which is a famous Italy dessert. This shop will be mainly sells desserts to the campus students and staffs, as well as middle-income residents of neighboring house, and caterers near UEA.
Brief introduction of the business
This shop will sell different kind of dissert especially special dessert from all over the world. Considered that my customers will mainly be the students in the school, whose age is usually between 18 and 22 the dessert shop will decorate to be kind of fashion. This shop won’t be very large and there will be only few waiters or waitress in it, most of them will be the student in the campus who wants to have a part-time job. My products will be made by the trained pastry and change monthly.
I plan to manipulate my location beside to the Arts building to our utmost advantage. The traffic of the student who is just finish class will give me edge as a new business. And after few years operation this shop will increase its brand influence. Therefore I am optimistic about my sales in the next year of business.
Business environment
Business environment is the sum total of all external and internal factors, it is very important to the new business that it will influence a business. It should be keep in mind that the external factors and internal factors can influence each other and work together to affect a business.
In my business the business environment should be that two parts…
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