Tips For Running An Applied Behavior Analysis

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The following five tips for running an applied behavior analysis business can be utilized whether your ABA business is already established and growing or if you are currently in the process of building your business from the ground up.
5 Tips for Running Your ABA Business
1. Succession Planning

Obviously, every ABA business needs to work on retaining their current employees; however, neglecting to plan for absenteeism and turnover makes the life of your loyal, healthy and happy employees more difficult. Moreover, the persons being served may not receive the high-quality care that your business strives to provide.

High Turnover Rates within the Human Service Industry Must be Addressed - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the highest employee turnover rates occur within the human service industry and applied behavior analysis therapy rests directly in the center of this arena. For this reason, ABA business owners must accept the fact that employees will leave. However, this undeniable reality can be prepared for through the creation of a comprehensive plan designed to address unexpected employee turnover. Furthermore, employee absenteeism due to unpredictable life events (i.e., illness, injuries, emergencies, etc.) can also be prepared for while creating this plan. Succession Planning, Defined - Succession planning can be defined as simply building a talent pool that consists of employees who have leadership qualities. You need to identify the

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