Tips On Building A Home

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Tips on Building a Home in Perth Western Australia Article 1 Choosing a Builder and Siteworks. On deciding to build a home on your ideal block there are a number of things that have to be taken into account from the very start. 1. The Right Builder - Choosing the right Builder. This is a tricky business, on one hand if you look at builders Display Homes you may choose your builder based on the design of the home you have seen. This is not ideal as the builder may not be to your liking but the design you like is tied to the builder therefore you cannot take his design to another builder. The other option is to choose a builder based on friends and or relatives experience, then try to find a design of home that the builder has that will suit your needs. This can be an easy process as most builders have many designs to choose from. Quality and Specifications of the builder and their Range can vary vastly from Builder to Builder. One Builder may include Special Finished Bench-tops where another might have the Standard Laminate for the bench-tops. Obviously this will end in a different price for the home. So all may not be as it seems with any price difference you need to compare Apples with Apples. 2. Warranty Considerations - Most builders in Perth have a standard warranty period of 6 years. This time frame has been set by an Act of Parliament and cannot be reduced. Some builders however, give a lifetime guarantee this is a good incentive to go with that builder. It is
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