Tips for Good Print Design

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Some factors to consider for good print design are accurate use of bleeds, edges, cropping, color, and elements of typography. Text should not be cut off or flowing over into the folding of brochures or the next newsletter columns. Print layout and design elements must meet in order to produce excellent advertising copy.
Bleeding occurs when a design element such as print or an image extends further than the edge of the margins or page. Sometimes this can be intended for effect, but is viewed as unprofessional if unintentional (Graphic Fetish, 2009).
Crop marks, cropping is an element used to trim off the unnecessary parts of a picture image, or page. The crop marks are the cutting lines that are guides to setting areas being cut.
Color Schemes
Color can draw or detract from a print design. Using complementary colors in print can give warmth and an inviting feel to the print or it can bore the audience (Graphic Fetish, 2009). Understanding how to properly use color is important in reaching an audience or highlighting the capture of an eventful moment (, 2012).
Typography design refers to how the printed material is laid out. Is the print copy effective in relaying the message to the audience or does it disrupt or interfere with the message (Kyrnin, 2012).
The lack of proper consideration of such factors will result in unattractive spacing issues that show up when the design is flattened out or…
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