Tips for Writing a Discursive Essay

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Discursive Essay

A discursive essay is an article that talks about a topic that is controversial in nature. This type of essay intends to present the issues both sides of the argument. However, it is important that the writer also explain why he has chosen to side with one argument and provide the logic behind it. Writing a discursive essay is a good way to develop the logical skills of the writer while maintaining a sound skill to anticipate the arguments of the other side and possibly counter it with the same logical explanation.

Here are the ways to write a discursive essay: * Write the first paragraph. This one should be the introduction of the main topic that you want to serve as the argument platform. A discursive essay is
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One of the techniques which can help you to achieve this effectively is the use of linking words. These words are usually used at the beginning of a new paragraph but can also be used to link ideas within a paragraph.

Same line of thought
e.g. - and, firstly, secondly etc., next, furthermore, likewise, in addition, similarly, also, moreover. Conclusion/summary
e.g. - thus, therefore, consequently, accordingly, in retrospect, hence, in conclusion, in brief, as a result. Definite statement
e.g. - without question, without doubt, unquestionably, absolutely. Contrasting idea
e.g. - yet, on the other hand, nevertheless, however, although, conversely, otherwise, on the contrary.

Further examples because, for instance, since, for example, so that, despite the fact that, accordingly, although, if, though, unless.

Formal Tone in a Discursive Essay

It is important when you write a discursive essay to write in a proper formal way. You should not use an informal style to write a discursive essay. In simple terms, this means the
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