Tips on Application to B-School

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Going to business school would help you advance in that field. It's important to remember that B-Schools see themselves as a means to an end, not an end in themselves. They want students who are ambitious and plan to use business school to get them ahead in their chosen fields. They DO NOT want students who are applying to business school because they want the credential on their record, or because they don't know what they want to do and need more time to figure it out. That being said, B-School is full of those kind of people (who have no idea what they want to do yet), but all of them managed to tell a compelling story on their applications about how business school was the right place for them and how it would help them in their…show more content…
I would also strongly strongly advise trying to find a job in your field for at least 2 years after college before considering school. For many people, Business School IS NOT an intelligent choice. If you already have a great job at a company you like, with opportunity for upward mobility, why spend $200,000 for a school that at best can only send you back into the same field with a small promotion? I think business school is best for those who are interested in changing careers, or who have reached a ceiling in their upward momentum and need business school to help them take that next step. I feel the situation is slightly different in China, where graduate education is becoming more and more of a basic threshold for employment, but in the US it is certainly worth trying to succeed on your own before spending a lot of money to do so.

Those few years after college will also give you a chance to become a more well-rounded person, to travel places you've always wanted to travel, to see things you've always wanted to see, and to take some risks that might be harder later in life. Start a company, write a book, move to Peru--even if you fail, you will be demonstrating to schools that you have a passion and are independent and ambitious about pursuing it. And if you succeed or discover something new that you really love, it will either give you a great
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