Tired Angels - Original Writing Essay

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Tired Angels
In every parish, there was a notorious “scary driver” in the church family. Some earned the title by their driving habits, others drifted into it unaware as age and failing eyesight raised the probability. We used to say “Oh there goes Stan and seven tired angels!” I remember one senior gentleman who bought himself a new 4x4 Ford extended cab with a box cap. Even an experienced driver would have a challenge parallel parking such a monster! Stan never worried if there was enough room to park. With four-wheel drive at his disposal, he easily made enough room, and his reputation went before him! One evening, he was hospitalized, and, at his request, I was asked to drive his truck home. It was amazing to watch people turning off on side streets as I approached them from behind or as they saw me coming toward them. The worst part was that he had the habit of wearing an Anglican clergy collar even though he had never been ordained! The other gentleman I recall from parish days drove a beat-up sedan. When I say “beat up,” that is an understatement. There was not a panel in the vehicle that was not damaged by other vehicles, trees, gateposts, hydrants, etc. However, he was a very reputable driver in his day. You see, he was employed to drive the…

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