Tiredness In America

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It is not surprising to hear that tiredness is a legitimate problem in the United States of America; however, it is surprising to hear just how big of a problem it is. “Only one in 7 Americans wake up feeling fresh every day of the week” (McCarthy, 2015). Such a startling statistic makes a person wonder what America is doing wrong. The reasons for this dilemma are “worry and stress, physical discomfort, mental activity, and environmental disruptors” (Chan, 2014). Many conversations on weekday mornings consist of sharing how exhausted everyone is. Because of not being able to rest well, people tend to “solve” being tired by getting hyped up on caffeine in order to feel energized; however, this is very shortsighted, and often does not last. Two solutions that actually solve this issue long term are taking a daily nap and using a salt lamp. To begin, the first solution to fatigue is to take a daily nap. Laying down to sleep once a day has amazing healing properties. A snooze of twenty to thirty minutes during the day can…show more content…
Salt lamps are literally rocks of salt that have light bulbs inside and a switch outside. The bulb illuminates the salt lamp, providing a calm, relaxing light to fall asleep to. However, the best part is that they have healing qualities that can make sleeping at night a breeze. More specifically, these devices have “negative salt ions released by heating [that] can… improve sleep… and calm allergy and asthma symptoms” (11 Pink Himalayan, 2015). By using one, a person will instantly be able to sleep better because this salt lamp cleanses the air by attracting moisture and evaporating it, so a person struggling with illness or allergies may experience a reduction in his or her symptoms. With better health, a person will sleep like a baby. A Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp is great to have if one cannot sleep because of its health
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