Tis I Mandao Research Paper

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other sane, Tis I Mandao writing to you from the extensive voyage.The ship reeks of musky men and hardwood ,as the ship ripples through the crystal clear water , the smell of the salty sea is enhanced and one of the small pleasantries on this compressed vessel.The fresh air was the only counter for the violent seasickness that spread throughout the ship. The Mayflower had two decks and a cargo hold. The captain lived at one end of the upper deck. The crew lived at the other.The ship was crowded with little breathing room,it felt like being confined like b.The weather has been harsh,from cold winds to blistering rain,The weather has caused some slight damage to the ship,promptly slowing our quest. The food rations are inconsistent…show more content…
Life is a little hard ,I was so used to a daily routine back in europe.We’ve seen many exotic animals not custom to europe.I am remorseful for the battle that engulfed between us and these natives,and by the mercy and providence in god we left unharmed. I will bring you back many small items as a souvenir I feel like I have become weak and restless,from the lack of efficient water and food.The disease scurvy is spreading throughout the crew almost half are dead,it is becoming a burial ground,we will make sure we inform the families of the deceased and may god bless them.This trip has been filled with many endeavors we have seen many different things.An unexpected pivot in our exploration came when we met one of the natives who guided us to their leader Squanto who was described as their noble leader,and the reason for their survival.We made a peace agreement not to harm each other with these people,creating a mutual bond.We exchanged ideas and beliefs,and they provided us food and entertainment ,including a place even seen a new way to harvest corn I hope we establish ourselves in this new land and through the providence of god we shall suffer no more casualties.I hope we make it back safely to the our homeland.I promise I will see
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