Tissue Engineering Scholarship Essay

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It is nearly impossible for me to grasp the idea of what being truly disabled is like. There are far too many people around the world living day by day, with major struggles to accomplish the basic tasks of life because of their affliction. Through volunteering this past summer at Hartford Hospital, serving meals to destitute people at the South Park Inn Homeless Shelter and meeting disabled veterans at a Rangers Lead the Way fundraiser, I have seen first-hand, some of the problems and challenges of people with disability. Through these experiences and the insight gained from them, I believe that I am on a quest to enable the disabled around the world. As a competitive high school runner, I have had my own small battles with running injuries and temporary disabilities that have prevented me from doing an…show more content…
I also learned how important it is to have a powerful team that can generate successful ideas. In the classroom, during my science and technology courses, I see opportunities for improvement in various scientific areas, such as tissue engineering, materials science, and disease prevention. I want to be part of the team that applies the engineering process to the problems of the afflicted in order to create and integrate powerful alternative solutions. (Repetitive) It is a complete travesty that in today’s modern age of technology, there are still so many health problems that affect the lives of so many everyday. I would do extensive research, create and test prototypes, most likely fail and try again, relentlessly until the solution is found. My determination and motivation to help others, no matter their race, religion, social status, gender, circumstance or personal relation to me, is what I hold above all. From this I will go to any extent to eventually create a
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