Tissue Ownership Essay

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Morgan Boudreaux Mrs. Romero English II, 3rd Block 23 September, 2013 Tissue Ownership “I think people are morally obligated to allow their bits and pieces to be used to advance knowledge to help others” (Korn). Different people have opposing opinions on the topic of whether or not patients or doctors own the body tissues after it’s been removed from the patient. Ownership is the act, state, or right of possessing something. Tissue ownership is different from ownership because once it leaves your body, you no longer own it. Contributing your tissues to the science world is superior because you can speed up medical advances, avoid litigation, and become a better individual by contributing to science and society. One of the most…show more content…
Eventually, Moore hired a lawyer, who discovered that Golde had used Moore’s Spleen to develop a valuable immortal cell line named Mo. Moore filed a lawsuit, claiming that his bodily tissues were his own property, and that Golde had stolen them. A series of rulings and appeals about his case launched an intense national debate. Golde won because he’s the one who made the cells valuable. He did all of the work. This situation relates to this debate because if the doctor’s would have had ownership over the tissues in the first place, none of this would not have happened. This also proves that the law is on the doctor’s side. If doctors had ownership of the tissues and the right to do whatever they wanted to them, they would not have to go through all this trouble. Lastly, you can become a better person by contributing to science and society. “Since everybody benefits, everybody can accept the small risks of having their tissue scraps used in research” (Korn). Basically, donating your cells to science in order to help millions of people is morally the right thing to do. This is also a respectable thing to do. People should take pride in knowing that they have saved other peoples’ lives. “It’s not as if scientists are stealing your arm or some vital organ. They are using tissue scraps you parted with voluntarily” (Skloot). It’s not like they are taking a major part of your body away, it’s something that you don’t even need. It is
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