Titania And Oberon’S Love Story In A Midsummer Night’S

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Titania and Oberon’s Love Story in A Midsummer Night’s Dream For our creative project, my partner and I chose to work with Oberon and Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Our interpretation of their relationship is that they are essentially fated to be together. What started off as a scheme, on Oberon’s part, to get the changeling child back turned them falling back in love with each other. We decided to take a lyrical approach, and started with three popular Elvis Presley songs. Then we substituted the original lyrics with slightly edited lines of dialogue from the play. Our objective was to tell the love story of Oberon and Titania while still maintaining the tone of the original songs. My partner and I had two main goals in…show more content…
In act two scene one, Puck lets the audience know that Oberon and Titania are angry with each other. At this point in the play, they are in the middle of a heated argument, almost more like a battle. In this song, we sought to describe both the anger the two lovers felt for each other, as well as give a little backstory. The following is the first verse: I’ll be met by moonlight, Proud Titania Titania and her Fairies skip hence How canst thou thus for shame, Titania Give me that boy and I will go with thee You’re a tarry, rash wanton From our debate, from our dissension A tarry, rash wanton We repeated the line “tarry, rash wanton” throughout the first song to portray Oberon’s feelings toward his wife at the beginning of the play (2.1.49). At this point in the scene, Oberon is about to accuse Titania of being unfaithful. This, of course, triggers an argument full of accusations, which eventually leads to Oberon casting a spell on Titania. We also used lines to describe the situation with the changeling boy, in order to give a bit of backstory. We wanted to use our first song to really show the animosity between the two lovers, and give a solid base to express the growth in their relationship. The second song we wrote is meant to describe Oberon’s feelings while Titania believes she is in love with Bottom. My partner and I agreed that Oberon and Titania play a very important role in the overall story, if not the most important role. Their fighting triggers
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