Titanic Film Analysis

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The Titanic: It Won’t Wreck Your Expectations
Jaina Bahirwani

A couple meets on a ship and wants to fly off around the world together, only to discover they will have to survive a shipwreck first. We’ve all heard about it. And we love it. The Titanic is a lengthy movie, but James Cameron’s exceptional adaptation of the event makes it worth your while. Although this might not be Mr. Cameron’s usual film style, the fact that he is one of the most versatile and skillful directors of our time became unequivocal, as his attempt at recreating the story of the ship destined to sink, while throwing in a heartrending romance is running-on-water exceptional.

The unlikely meeting of a steerage and a first class passenger on the Titanic started
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The script adopts Rose DeWitt Bukater, played by Divergent star Kate Winslet, a young, first-class woman who is sick and tired of everyone around her acting as though she is some spoilt toddler. To an outsider, it would seem like Rose is living the perfect and shipshape life that anyone else would want to live: at the highest of social castes in an imperfect world. However, there are much more beneath her hidden depths than meets the eye, as she includes beliefs of a discouraged future. But that’s before she encounters her own personal plot twist: a caring and charismatic young man by the name of Jack Dawson, portrayed by The Revenant lead Leonardo Dicaprio. He befriends Rose - regardless of his suboptimal first impression on her - and donates his help to guide her in genuinely living life to its fullest, two waves at a time.

Moreover, one extremely crucial part of the movie was both Winslet and Dicaprio’s acting. Together, they gave you an ocean of feelings and a rush of desire, as the actors undeniably turn into their character during the film - it is utterly awe-inspiring. Their performance is so realistic that it allows you to feel as though you won tickets to board the Titanic as well. It is hard to believe that they were actors and not two young adults who started off on a journey together after crossing paths on a ship. The remarkable

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