Titanic Film Analysis

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Introduction The Titanic movie is what mainly inspired me to do a project such as this one for reason that it had it all about social class and its rankings. The upper class living on the top floor,the middle living in the middle floor, and the working class obviously working down below for any money they could receive. This movie shows how the social ranking of the classes appear today and how the demeanor of the social ranking has never changed to this day. Body of Research Social Class is a division of a society based on social and economic status. In today’s society there are three main social groups in America: upper, middle, and lower class; these rankings are contributed by mass amounts of factors, but one of the…show more content…
Well, statistically proven, that is correct. It's almost as if you are not white, thenceforth you are destined to fail to obtain a higher class ranking. “Racism and sexism compound the effects of classism in society.” (Gregory Mantsios, pg 168) The chances of being poor in America for a male/female is 1 in 10 yet for a black or Hispanic male/female it becomes a staggering 1 in 4. The poverty rates for Hispanics is 25.6 percent, which is well over three times the poverty of whites which is 8.2 percent. In other words, these attributes such as being female and nonwhite increase the chances of being of lower-class standing. Take notice that not all Americans do not all have equal chances to succeed, but only the people who have the chance to inherit their family's earnings which is usually the upper class Americans. This creates a line between the people of each class by reason of, not every race will be fortunate enough to have the power to inherit and here's why. There is a bigger picture to race and ethnicity affecting an individual's social class which is their income and education. These factors determine their whole future, you can’t have one without the other considering income and education are hand in hand. Now it is about becoming more than about race, and now has become more about the education each race receives or is able to receive.
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